Letters to the editor, May 11, 2021

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Phone advice

The phone call will probably come at an unusual time, a time that raises your heart rate, like 9 a.m. or 9 p.m.

Nobody in your circle calls at those ungodly hours. Automatically, you assume trouble.

When you answer the call, the female voice will be very authoritative. She will tell you that:

“Your card has been used three times in the last 12 hours – a purchase for $365, a purchase from Amazon for $1,169, and another purchase for $517. We are concerned, as you rarely use your card so often.

“To check your card use, press 1.

“To check for any other use press 2.

“To hear this message once more, press 3.”

You will naturally become uptight and want to press three. However, before doing anything, think for a second or two.

Did the woman use your name?

Did the woman say which bank was ‘concerned’ about you?

Do you even have a card?

Instead of pressing a button, hang up. If she is as concerned as she says, she will call back with some real details, and maybe even let you know where you found the $1,169 you spent with Amazon.


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T. McVicar


What’s next?

During the Feb. 23 virtual meeting of Canadian and U.S. leaders, President Joe Biden urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take more aggressive action on climate change and, sure enough, the latter set a CO2 emission target reduction from 30 to 40 per cent which, according to columnist Lorne Goldstein, is not attainable.

Trudeau believes carbon-tax increases will achieve this goal, and now that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled it is constitutional, he will jack it up at will.

Furthermore, approval of Bill C-12 (zero GHC emissions by 2050), supported by NDP and a myriad of climate activists is a foregone conclusion.

What’s next? What other legislation will he try to enact to please Biden and the left-wing, neo-Marxist radicals who have taken over the Democratic Party?

Urge provinces to include the poisonous critical race theory in school curricula to indoctrinate kids with the narrative we are a racist country? Or ram through racial-sensitivity training for the police, military, and government personnel and say yes to identity politics instead of promoting unity in our ethnically and religiously diversified country?

Cozy up to the communist China he so profoundly admires?

Open up borders for illegal migrants from all over the world?

This has been going on at the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden stopped border wall construction, ended the “remain-in-Mexico” agreement for asylum seekers and reinstated the “catch-and-release” policy, which created an unprecedented humanitarian, health, and national security crisis. Under the guise of compassion, this is an insidious plot to get votes.

Continue printing money to bankroll various costly social programs and expand government bureaucracy to administer them?

Last year’s national debt was $ 354 billion and is estimated to be over $1.4 trillion within a few years! These insane policies and incessant spending must stop.

The country needs a common-sense and pragmatic leader.

Voyteck Pomykalski


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